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2009-06-27 thanks you for their referral me to another client after their wedding. And you can find another high-light in my blog with this newlywed’s participation in another wedding party…

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

 SF746 W_0013

 SF746 W_0025

SF746 W_0029

 SF746 W_0031

 SF746 W_0035

 SF746 W_0041

 SF746 W_0043

 SF746 W_0048

 SF746 W_0054

 SF746 W_0057

SF746 W_0058

 SF746 W_0064

 SF746 W_0072

 SF746 W_0099

 SF746 W_0110

SF746 W_0113

 SF746 W_0135

SF746 W_0158

 SF746 W_0166

 SF746 W_0173

 SF746 W_0259

 SF746 W_0264

SF746 W_0523

 SF746 W_0274

 SF746 W_0286

 SF746 W_0288

 SF746 W_0291

SF746 W_0302

 SF746 W_0315

 SF746 W_0329

 SF746 W_0331

 SF746 W_0334

SF746 W_0335

 SF746 W_0338

SF746 W_0345

SF746 W_0352

 SF746 W_0411

 SF746 W_0499

 SF746 W_0505

SF746 W_0509