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2009-06-06 I always expect will have a new location for each different ceremony or outdoor picture when I take picture. luck today, we go to Pulgas Water Temple, which I never been that before. I am happy to try something’s new. It is a quiet, beautiful location, you will want to stay there longer even the ceremony is over…

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

 SF743  W__000

 SF743  W__002

 SF743  W__013

 SF743  W__026

SF743  W__515

Thank you for the newlywed picture with me. congratulations again!

SF743  W__041

SF743  W__045

 SF743  W__058

SF743  W__065

SF743  W__097

 SF743  W__069 

 SF743  W__126

 SF743  W__133

 SF743  W__155

 SF743  W__183

 SF743  W__184

 SF743  W__189

 SF743  W__195

 SF743  W__228

 SF743  W__235

 SF743  W__236

 SF743  W__264

 SF743  W__283

SF743  W__314

SF743  W__317

SF743  W__423

SF743  W__432

SF743  W__434

SF743  W__435

SF743  W__436

SF743  W__454

SF743  W__462

SF743  W__468

SF743  W__472

SF743  W__475

SF743  W__512

SF743  W__500

SF743  W__501

 SF743  W__508

 SF743  W__510

  SF743  W__513

thank you for their red-envelop…