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2009-06-13 When I first arrived in the bride’s home in the morning, I already feel their energetic of the wedding party (they are all very young). This is the first time I feel I am getting old when I face to and play with them… (Fortunately, I am not old actually! And we don’t have any gap between.)

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

SF779  W_382

 SF779  W_011

 SF779  W_023

 SF779  W_024

 SF779  W_034

SF779  W_045

 SF779  W_180

 SF779  W_244

 SF779  W_250

SF779  W_252

 SF779  W_295

 SF779  W_323

 SF779  W_335

SF779  W_343

I never ask this guy to spray me, but he did… it took me hours to clean up my camera after I got home… my goodness… he said too many “sorry” to me after… it’s OK, accident is accident…